Life Savings Insurance

When you let go of the bike, you knew he was ready. Now you can relax and let him enjoy the ride, confident that no matter what happens, we will ensure that you or your family members receive up to double the value of your Credit Union savings.

That way, if you were to become dismembered due to an accident or pass away, you and your family will be able to keep going
more comfortably.

Life Savings Insurance is the perfect solution for all who care. It provides you with coverage that increases with your savings in the Credit Union.

Benefits and Special Features:

  • The more you save, the more insurance coverage you receive.
  • You are insured in the event of death (natural or accidental) or dismemberment.
  • You enjoy additional insurance coverage at no direct cost to you.
  • The maximum coverage is subject to your Credit Union’s contract limit.
  • You or your family will receive up to double the value of your Credit Union savings.


Your choice:

  • Decide how much you want to save with your credit union*
  • Start saving earlier to enjoy great value from this benefit


Conditions apply.

Get the most out of your money when you save with your Credit Union. Start saving now and you’ll spend less time worrying about the future.

If you are not yet a member of a Credit Union, then don’t hesitate. Sign up today to enjoy the benefits of our Life Savings Insurance.