Golden Harvest Savings Plan

You want to save for your child’s education and wedding, your new car and home, travel, or maybe a comfortable retirement.

Well, whatever you’ve planned on achieving, you will with the Golden Harvest Savings Plan.

With the Golden Harvest Savings Plan, whether you’re here or not you or your loved ones will receive your entire savings goal .*

In the event of your permanent disability or passing (natural or accidental), your dreams can still become a reality.

Your benefits:

  • Your savings goal is secure up to your credit union’s coverage limit
  • Insurance coverage is at no cost to you (your credit union pays your premium)

Your choice:

  • Decide how much you want to save and for how long you will save*
  • Insurance coverage is at no cost to you. Your Credit Union pays your premium

For example:

Your Credit Union’s coverage limit is $100,000
Your savings goal for the next 10 years is $90,000
You become permanently disabled or pass away but you’ve only saved $25,000
Your beneficiary receives:
The total amount you’ve saved
Plus, the total insured balance

If you are not yet an owner of the Golden Harvest Savings Plan, then don’t hesitate. Sign up today to secure your life goals.

For more information contact your Credit Union representative, Golden Harvest provider or CUNA Caribbean Insurance.

*Conditions apply.