Life Savings Insurance

When you let go of the bike, you knew he was ready. Now you can relax and let him enjoy the ride, because no matter what happens, we will ensure that you or your family receives up to double the value of your Credit Union savings.*

That way, if you were to become dismembered due to an accident or pass away, you and your family will be able to keep going more comfortably.

Why Life Savings Insurance?

Life savings Insurance provides automatic insurance coverage for your nest egg so you and your family can feel safe in the event of your accidental death and dismemberment.

This package offers reassurance and security in what can often seem to be an uncertain future. It’s just another benefit of being a credit union member.

Benefits & Special features

  • The more you save, the more insurance you have.
  • You are insured in the event of death (natural or accidental) or dismemberment,
  • Service is offered at no additional cost to you
  • The maximum coverage is subject to your Credit Union’s contract limit
  • you or your family receive up to double the value of your Credit Union savings*

To many, a lump sum on bereavement can be most welcome, especially when the amount you’ve managed to save is doubled and passed onto your family.

We know it won’t take away the pain, but it’ll certainly help with the financial strain. Just for once, peace of mind doesn’t come at a price.


Termination / Cancellation of Coverage

This coverage may be cancelled or terminated at any time either by the CUNA Caribbean Insurance Jamaica Limited or by the credit union.

If you are not yet a member of a credit union, then don’t hesitate. Sign up today to enjoy the benefits of our Life Savings Insurance.
For more information contact your credit union representative or CUNA Caribbean Insurance Jamaica Limited.

*Conditions Apply.