After 66 years in the Caribbean, CUNA Mutual Group, through its subsidiaries CMFG Life Insurance Company Jamaica and CUNA Caribbean Insurance Society Limited in Trinidad and Tobago, re-branded under one identity. The company which existed under several brands in 12 territories across the region formally introduced its new identity as CUNA Caribbean Insurance, in Jamaica and in Trinidad and Tobago on March 2nd and 6th, respectively.


“Our new brand – CUNA Caribbean Insurance – and brand position “For all People” tells us how we must create and deliver our products and services, and how we must do business. It is more than a tagline; it is an extension of our belief that “…everyone should feel the comfort of financial security. CUNA Caribbean Insurance is the brand that our customers will know us by, in the markets we serve throughout the Caribbean. And wherever it is seen, it will be a symbol of financial accessibility “For All People”.” said the company’s Managing Director and CEO, Andre Goindoo.


The name change reflects the evolution of the brand’s identity and positioning as a regional player with a Caribbean–centric focus. The new corporate identity is also inspired by the company’s powerful, proven and progressive support and participation in a connected and ever-changing region. Through its long-standing partnership with the credit union movement in the region, the company’s insurance products have been leveraged by credit unions to offer the best financial security options to their members.


Driven by the philosophy of their parent company, for supporting and strengthening the credit union movement in the region, the regional insurance provider is confident that this initiative would catalyse existing efforts to drive greater demand for credit union services, by inspiring credit union members and members of the public to access the benefits of its insurance products.


The new logo and tagline “For All People” represent the company’s elevation beyond an award-winning insurance supplier, to a complete financial security provider for seamless living.


CUNA Caribbean Insurance continues to reaffirm its commitment to the credit union movement, through the work of its dedicated team and continues to ensure that its credit union partners remain uniquely positioned to bring value to their members.


After more than 66 years of operating in the Caribbean, CUNA Mutual Group under the name CMFG Life Insurance Company Jamaica has reincorporated and rebranded as CUNA Caribbean Insurance Jamaica Limited.



Our new a brand is more than a change of name. It is the business of redefining how we communicate, connect and foster even stronger relationships with all our stakeholders.



Our brand position “For all People” tells us how we must create and deliver our products and services, and how we must do business – We value all people.  It is more than a tagline; it is an extension of our belief that “…everyone should feel the comfort of financial security.”



Under our new company name and brand, you will continue to enjoy insurance coverage through our suite of insurance products.

Protect the ones you love by covering up to six family members for one monthly premium with the Family Indemnity Plan

Achieve your life goals by ensuring that your credit union savings goal is secure with the Golden Harvest Savings Plan

Prepare for the unexpected by insuring your credit union loans with Loan Protection Insurance

Start preparing for a the ones you care for with Life Savings Insurance


For more information about our products visit, call us at 929-3570-2 or contact your Credit Union.




CUNA Mutual Group was established around the philosophy of providing access to financial support and services to Credit Unions and their members. It is built around the human reality and circumstance of “security in numbers” – the concept of cooperation; and more specifically, around the revolutionary mandate and mantra “The debt shall die with the debtor”.


With this fundamental understanding, CUNA Mutual expanded to countries around the globe, reaching people from every walk of life. People like any of us here, with the same concerns, the same needs, and the same hopes for themselves, their families and their communities.


In 1950 Jamaica was the first country outside the U.S. to afford Credit Unions and their members, access to loan protection and life savings coverage from CUNA Mutual. And we are particularly proud of that milestone, which is written into our history forever.