About Our COVID-19 Relief Fund

If you have become unemployed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and have found yourself in need of financial assistance to maintain your premium payments at this time, we are here to help.

Our COVID-19 RELIEF FUND has been established to assist Family Indemnity Plan Certificate Holders (with or without the Critical Illness Rider coverage, FIP-CI) who became unemployed after March 31, 2020, by paying six (6) months of their premiums. This will be a one-time only payment and will be available on a ‘first-come, first- served’ basis until the funds allocated to the programme have been exhausted.

To access the COVID-19 Relief Fund, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an active FIP-CI Certificate Holder whose certificate has passed the six (6) months waiting period.
  • The Member’s account must be paid up or no more than ninety (90) days past due. The past due period is calculated from the effective date of the Fund, August 3rd in St. Lucia and August 4th in St. Kitts and Nevis.
  • Only one (1) application per Certificate Holder
  • Salaried Individuals – must have become fully unemployed due to COVID-19. This must be supported by an original letter from their former employer.
  • Informally Employed Individuals – must have become fully unemployed due to COVID-19. This must be supported by a sworn affidavit*.
  • Self-Employed Individuals – must have closed their business operations due to COVID-19. This must be supported by a sworn affidavit**.


* Affidavits for Informally Employed Individuals must include:

  1. Your role
  2. Name of Former Employer
  3. Former Employer’s address
  4. Former Employer’s telephone number
  5. Length of employment
  6. Date of termination due to COVID-19


** Affidavits for Self-Employed Individuals must include:

  1. Name of your Former Business, if applicable
  2. Registered address, if applicable
  3. Your Business telephone number
  4. Length of time business was in operation
  5. Date when business ceased operations due to COVID-19



  • This is a limited Fund and will be available on “first-come, first-served” basis. Only ONE application will be allowed per Certificate Holder.
  • This Fund applies only to FIP-CI Certificate Holders residing in the following jurisdictions: Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).
  • Funds will only be allocated to premium payments.


Conditions apply.


Required Documents

Here’s a checklist of the documents required to apply for assistance from the COVID-19 Relief Fund:

  • Completed Application form. Download the Application form here
  • Any one (1) form of valid identification: National ID Card, Driver’s Permit or Passport
  • Proof of Address not older than 3 months
  • Salaried Individuals – An original letter from your former employer stating that your termination of employment was due to the effects of COVID-19 or a sworn affidavit stating same.
  • Informally Employed Individuals – a sworn affidavit attesting to unemployment due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Self-Employed Individuals – A sworn affidavit stating that your business operations were terminated due to the effects of COVID-19.


Where to Send Your Application

Send your completed application form, along with the required documents in the checklist above, to your Credit Union or FIP Provider. After you submit the required documents, they will be reviewed and you will be contacted by CUNA Caribbean Insurance to advise whether or not your application has been approved.


Who to Contact

To learn more about our COVID-19 Relief Fund, you can give us a call us at (758) 458-CUNA (2862) or (758) 453-CUNA (2862)  – St. Lucia or at (869) 665-6238 – St. Kitts & Nevis. You can also contact your Credit Union or FIP Provider.

Download the PDF Form